My interest for Web Marketing
began 5 years ago with SUP'Internet

Web Project Manager Diploma - Web Marketing Speciality

  • Skilled
  • Passion
  • Hand Coded

The skills I developped during my studies

During the last 5 years, I had several profesional experiences in different companies.

  • Worldwide

    Before my studies in Webmarketing, I went in Miami (USA) in order to improve my english during a one year program at EF International School.
    My internship in Shanghai was also a great opportunity to discover an entier new world, a new culture and how the Web works in China.

  • Web Project Management

    During one year and a half, I worked with 8 people on a project in order to find a new way for Parisians workers to have a healthy lunch in a restaurant in a short time. I learned how to manage a team, looked always for improving myself and optimized the process every time in order to go further in our project.

  • The Web

    It is a fantastic environnement where many opportunities are and where it is always a pleasure to learn with the people who build it everyday.

  • Adaptability

    I manage myself to improve this skill in order to work easily on different tasks, by myself or with the team.

  • Autonomy

    The ability to work in a total autonomy is also an advantage which help me to work well on different missions, context or team process.

  • "Swiss Knife"

    Because of my experiences and my work, I am able to work on different and varied missions.

E-Commerce Manager Asssistant

6 Months in 2018 - PARIS
Operational Management ( - US & Europe) ; Checking synergy between texts & visuals, Analyzing & optimizing Ux & products offer ; Checking website performances ; Prototyping, testing and applying optimization and website improvements ; Building products pages, banners, selections & promotion pages.

ISEFAC - The Web School
Master Digital Marketing Manager

18 Months from 2017 - PARIS
Web strategy, Writing, Communication, Project Management, Gamification, Data Management, Social Media, SEO, Ads

The Gentlemen Marketing Agency
CMO Assistant

6 Months in 2016 - SHANGHAI
Writing articles, Curation, Build professional presentations for customers and the agency, Wordpress, Benchmark, Teamworking

SUP'Internet - The Web School
Communication & Developement Officer

10 Months between 2015 & 2016 - PARIS
Community Management, Writing articles, Management & Events Planification (Hackathon Miami Box - "Open du Web"), Strategic Recommendations, Prospection, Data Base Management

Vizapp - ASO Goes Serious
App Store Optimization Internship

3 Months in 2014 - PARIS
Writing articles in english, Data Scenarisation, Testing & reports, ASO curation, CRM Strategy

EF International School
One year Program at Miami Beach

2013 - USA
Intensive english program in the school of Miami Beach.
Granted of two english certifications and the Cambridge Test (C+).

Here is my resume